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Chapter 1: What We Value
What Motivates People
Local Economic Data

Chapter 2: How to Raise Prices Without Raising Eyebrows
Tell Them It’s Handmade
Produce Quality Work
Bring Back That Loving Feeling
Call Attention to Luxurious Materials
Be Earth Friendly
Take Stunning Photos
Proudly Display Your Artist’s Statement
Include Benefits In Your Descriptions
Use Eye Candy Packaging
Sell Sets
Build Inviting Displays for Craft Fairs
Personalize the Product
Brand Yourself
Appeal to Collectors
Instill Confidence

Chapter 3: The Pricing Formula
Understanding Retail and Wholesale Pricing
Researching Average Market Prices
Cost of Goods
Indirect Costs or Overhead
Cost of Sales
Figuring the Amount You Must Recover
Advanced Look at Indirect Expenses
Hourly Cost of Doing Business
Knowledge Leads to Profits

Chapter 4: Competitive Pricing Strategies
Knowing Your Customers
Using Popular Price Points
Listing a Range of Prices
Pricing for Online Stores
Pricing for Shows and Events
Holiday and Seasonal Pricing
Offering Discounts
Providing Add-on Services
Offering Free Shipping
Should You Haggle Over Prices?
Is Your Price is Too High?
Surviving VS Thriving

Chapter 5: Pricing One‑of‑a‑Kind Pieces
What Other Artists Charge for Similar Work
As Your Brand Grows, So Can Your Prices
Working with Galleries
Broker’s Fees
Pricing by the Square Foot
How to Price Commission Work
Sample Request for Quote

Chapter 6: Recordkeeping
Start Keeping Records
Bookkeeping by Hand vs. Software
When to Use a CPA
Learn Basic Accounting
Additional Records to Track

Chapter 7: Are You Making a Profit?
Breaking Even
Item Profitability
Detailed Examples of Cost of Sales
Creating Financial Reports
Cash Flow Projection
Profit and Loss Statement

Chapter 8: How To Slash Material Costs
Getting Supplies for Little or Nothing
Buying Supplies on eBay
Buying Supplies from Manufacturers
Buying From China and Other Countries
More Places to Check for Bargains
Turning Your Extra Supplies into a Second Income
How Many Supplies to Have on Hand

Chapter 9: More Profit from Your Time and Work Space
How to Manage Your Time & Reduce Labor Costs
Organize Your Workspace to Boost Productivity

Chapter 10: Tax Advantages From Your Craft Business
Overlooked Deductible Business Expenses
Deducting Your Start-Up Costs
Deducting Use of Your Home Office
Hiring Your Children
Leasing From Your Children
Hiring Your Spouse to Write Off Medical Expenses
Leasing From Your Spouse
Deducting Business Use of Your Car
Deducting Business Travel and Entertainment
Depreciating Tools and Equipment
Avoiding IRS Audits
Dealing with IRS Agents

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Contents from How to Price Crafts

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